All Sorts of Fail

March 1, 2010

Color AND texture clash, with pieces that are stand-alone ugly.  That’s almost an accomplishment.


If you wear these, I may actually punch you.

Armored Boots

September 21, 2009


How much of a douchebag does someone have to be to require armored protection from getting kicked in the shins?  Or alternatively, to think them shits look good?

Cruelty to Fake Animals

July 28, 2009


I know they are not real Dalmatians, but this is still inhumane.  And disgusting.  It just looks like her dogs are barking. 

And I know fashion is generally subjective, but there can be no equivocation on this point.  This shit is NEVER OKAY.   Full stop. 

(This example of cruelty to fake dogs and real people is another great guest submission, snapped by )


July 27, 2009


Ummm, this is NOT how you exfoliate your toes. 

[Another great guest submission, which came with commentary:  “The question is – why did I see her toes first and her shoes second when she was actually walking in front of me??? smdh!”]

Pink Legwarmers

July 10, 2009


Sometimes, in life, you get cold feet for a good reason – you back out of doing something stupid and poorly thought-through, and as a result, both you and the world are better off for it.

Apparently the same thing applies to cold ankles.  Things would be a lot better if he could have managed to bear the intolerable chill of July in NYC and left them shits off.


June 30, 2009


Sorry for the title – I couldn’t help it lol.

But for real.  WHY do these boots have weave????  I guess they wanted to have two different types of lace-fronts per shoe…

Shiny. Uggs.

June 26, 2009


This is precisely like adorning shit with glitter.


I truly don’t even know what look she was going for.  The worst sartorial aspects of every sport,  maybe?

Sartorial Confusion

April 21, 2009


Clothing seems to be having an identity crisis these days:  Leggings trying to be pants; boots trying to be sandals; feet trying to be the same ashy grey as the boot-sandals…  Errrr, that last one doesn’t quite fit, but still.  Damn.