Shoulda folded.

[photo courtesy of Max]


Preemptive StopNReflect

June 22, 2009




I truly don’t even know what look she was going for.  The worst sartorial aspects of every sport,  maybe?

All sorts of sexy

June 10, 2009


He took the “cow” part a bit too literally

Mattel Style

April 28, 2009


She counts Strawberry Shortcake and Polly Pocket as two of her greatest fashion inspirations.

Adorning ugly with ugly

March 3, 2009


I can’t decide what is worse:  The haircut, or the barrettes attempting to spice it up.

Stonewash & Biscuits

December 16, 2008


My friend’s comment on the original posting of this picture on facebook was too great:

“I don’t know what is worse…. the hoe outfit or the jammy-jams next to her WITH the cowboy hat, but I’ll say the hoe outfit – cause the second that “pop lock an’ drop it” comes on her dress will pop open and look like a can of busted biscuits…” -Laura P.

Editors note: Also extra-special: Note the stonewashed steez on those jammy-jams


December 14, 2008

Red Leather Belt on Head

I was in disbelief when I saw it, but that is, indeed, a red leather BELT on her head.  An actual belt, huge shiny buckle and all.  I was so confused – was she trying to define her head’s waist???