If you wear these, I may actually punch you.



January 25, 2010

I’m not sure why, but that is the first word that pops into my head every time I see this.

I want to say dress your age, but frankly, I can’t think of any age that could make this fit okay.  It looks like a reanimated llama is attacking her shoulders.

Why StopNReflect Exists

January 19, 2010

Yep.  The fact that anyone would EVER walk out the house looking like this just reaffirms this site’s existence.  Its almost impressive when every single piece of an “outfit” is awful in and of itself, and yet the combination is even worse.

Sparkly Sheer Lacy Mess

October 27, 2009


Really sorry for the blurry pic – I was in a rush (as always these days), but I just had to show you this one.  I think the mess shines through.


Courtesy of Mia, via her DC cousin.  Keep the guest pics coming to canwepleasestopandreflect@gmail.com  🙂

And I really can’t decide which part of this “outfit” is the worst…


August 26, 2009


This is all fail, but that brown purse really made me want to punch her in the back of her poorly-dyed head.


August 14, 2009


Let me repeat that:  Spanx is underwear.  In case that is too hard to understand, let me break it down – that means you wear it underneath your clothes.  NOT as clothes. 

I am serious.  This is not okay. 

And I am just baffled at that bra.  As if this wasn’t enough of a hot mess without your heavy duty K-mart steez jumping out the back…

Thanks to Mrs. PiggyRod for the guest pic!

Rats’ Nest

August 5, 2009

Rats Nest

When I was a kid, Grama always used the phrase “a rat’s nest” to refer to a particular nasty head of hair. 

Never has the visual matched so perfectly. 

But here, I’d have to say RATS.  Plural.   Its probably a whole family of them shits calling this home.

Special thanks to AJ Plaid, aka The Cruel Secretary and Sparkle for the guest pic!

Cruelty to Fake Animals

July 28, 2009


I know they are not real Dalmatians, but this is still inhumane.  And disgusting.  It just looks like her dogs are barking. 

And I know fashion is generally subjective, but there can be no equivocation on this point.  This shit is NEVER OKAY.   Full stop. 

(This example of cruelty to fake dogs and real people is another great guest submission, snapped by http://twitter.com/nerudaslove )

I can’t…

July 24, 2009



In case you were wondering why the frequency of posts has decreased over the summer, let me tell you.  My firm is located in Times Square.  Thus, I see a lot of THIS.  And although it is indeed horrific, I can only take so many pictures of such awfulness before my camera revolts or the website collapses under the weight of sheer ugly. 

But really?  Did she think that showing off her bra straps would be sexy?