Sad Booty

January 22, 2010

Wardrobe choices can do wonders for one’s figure.  For example, this man’s frowning pants successfully elongated his booty booty butt cheeks.  Though I have no idea why anyone would want to do that.


6 Responses to “Sad Booty”

  1. Kloé said

    Hahaha! Not sure either 😉

  2. maximosis said

    This pisses me off.. lol are those supposed to be EVISU jeans? Like seriously WOuld evisu even design some shit like this? HELL NO!

  3. theincredibletangentman said

    “You see McDonalds has the golden arches, we have the golden arcs” – Cleo McDowell

    Those jeans are wack, and so are those fake air max kicks.

  4. katie said

    Bada Ba Ba Ba! NOT LOVIN IT.

  5. thatguy8403 said

    He took the golden arches to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!!! lol

  6. Fiqah said

    Best use of “booty booty butt cheeks” to date. 😀

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