Zebra, Floral, Crochet, Suede, Blue and Peasant Shirt?

January 21, 2010

This week on “Dressing for Maximum Incongruity”


10 Responses to “Zebra, Floral, Crochet, Suede, Blue and Peasant Shirt?”

  1. ElleMonah said

    A big ball of wtf!

  2. Fiqah said

    It’s like the world’s sloppiest consignment shop threw up on her and she decided not to bother changing.

  3. Li said

    No. No. No. No. No. I’m insulted at this whole get up.

  4. *sigh* this is what Heidi would look like as today. this is all

  5. maximosis said

    Ok This is insane I want to know WHere the hell this person was hanging out at And whoever took this picture What were you doing there?

  6. sparkle said

    this shit just gave me motion sickness. and i’m SITTING DOWN. shit.

  7. theincredibletangentman said

    Glad to see Gretel made it back safely from her acid trip.

  8. chicken said

    Um, plus there’s a hole at the bottom of the dress where moths began to do work, but even they couldn’t stomach this outfit.

  9. Erika PW said

    The hell….?

  10. katie said

    If you stare at it long enough and let your eyes relax, you start to see things.

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