Friday Caption Contest!

September 25, 2009


1) Come up with your own witty/silly caption for this lovely outfit

2) Write it in the comment box

3) Laugh at other hilarities

4) Tell your friends

5) Win your very own StopNReflect stickers!

7 Responses to “Friday Caption Contest!”

  1. Rosemma said

    An army of one…..unfortunately a blind one.

  2. Nigel said

    Arr, Matey! Me be pirate from pumpkin aisle!

  3. LiLu said

    Oh, I’m no good at things that require “thinking”. But I kind of want those tights. Without ANY of the rest of it…

  4. katie said

    Its not her fault, moonlighting as Major Bedhead is how she makes an honest living.

    *see the children’s show “Big Comfy Couch”, she even has a mail bag…*

  5. Fiqah said

    If Daisy Duke’s wardrobe got knocked up after a threesome with an Oompa Loompa costume and a big ole bag of candy corn, then this ensemble would be the bébé.

  6. Fiqah said

    BTW, the expressions on the faces of the women behind her? Just great. 😀

  7. Beef said

    So, this is what cancer personified looks like, huh?

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