Another Guest Submission! DC Mess

September 16, 2009


Courtesy of Mia, via her DC cousin.  Keep the guest pics coming to  🙂

And I really can’t decide which part of this “outfit” is the worst…


6 Responses to “Another Guest Submission! DC Mess”

  1. jfkjean said

    Forget what part of this “look” was the worst, she has this look as if she actually looks good! This is what bothers me most…..

  2. ElleMo said

    She knew she was gonna get on somebody’s site! Bxtch is posing for the cameraphone!

  3. AJ Plaid said

    I second jfkjean…there’s swagga and then there’s simply being deluded. Miss Gurl falls in the latter category.

  4. ERika PW said

    1) shout out to my city!! LOL

    2) I betcha I know EXACTLY what train she’s on……damn Green line to Branch Ave….

  5. Ken said

    is that a baby bump? really lady? wow

  6. CurvyDiva said

    @ERika PW–

    Right! I bet she’s getting off at Anacostia, too! LOL.

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