Stop! Stop! Power Ranger

August 18, 2009


Unless she is going to Go! Go! home and change.


16 Responses to “Stop! Stop! Power Ranger”

  1. AJ Plaid said

    And you *know* she thought long and hard when she went shopping for this outfit: “I just need these chartreuse kicks to go with my chartreuse Karl Kanis.”

    And she can’t be mad that no one else thinks she’s cute, either.:P

  2. titi said

    LMAOOOOO @ AJ Plaid – thought the same thing…

  3. Ana said

    Wow. I think this is the best(worst) yet

  4. drollgirl said

    JAYSUS! that is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

  5. theincredibletangentman said

    She’s headed to bobsled practice.

  6. maxiebaby718 said

    Good lord

  7. Fiqah said

    I had no idea Karl Kani did “brights.” I bet if someone forwards this image to his design house, he’ll cut that shit out today.

    Post-muhfuggin-scriptum: If I see ONE more person wearing a clingy, non-breathable outfit on this site in this God-awful heat, I am gonna scream. I really am.

  8. jfkjean said

    Ohhh, this is Jamaica-riffic lol

  9. Ken said

    Is this the lady that borat was dating? lunell?

  10. thatguy said

    Haha LOVE IT! I was there when that picture was taken and for some reason she thought she was the shit with her matching lime green power ranger outfit.

  11. Gabrielle said

    Karl Kani? Really Ma? It’s 2009.

  12. Aleysha said

    Whew! The outfit is really frightening, but it goes perfectly with the scowl. And the black side panels are really slimming, don’t you think? *gg* I’m sure she tried to color her hair a matching lime green, it just did not turn out quite right…

  13. AH said

    Wow I’ve never seen a real ninja before. I mean as tight as ALL that is, I can really only see the outlines of her tube socks, now that’s stealth! Plus it’s probably really hard to keep up with the laundry when you’re busy hunting down Bill or getting a Crayon named after you.

  14. Beef said

    Is she wearing fuckin’ knee-highs under those friggin tights? Ew, cameltoe.

  15. Erika PW said

    Awwwwmaaaan…. =/

    Actually, I kinda have a taste for apple Jolly Ranchers now….

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