August 14, 2009


Let me repeat that:  Spanx is underwear.  In case that is too hard to understand, let me break it down – that means you wear it underneath your clothes.  NOT as clothes. 

I am serious.  This is not okay. 

And I am just baffled at that bra.  As if this wasn’t enough of a hot mess without your heavy duty K-mart steez jumping out the back…

Thanks to Mrs. PiggyRod for the guest pic!

10 Responses to “PSA: Spanx is UNDERWEAR”

  1. Tony said

    Nah son…this shit ain’t right. Not right at all. I know it’s hot and all that, but really? This isn’t a good look.

    And I love a thicker sista as much as the next dude, but shorty, you a bit too thickums to be rollin’ like this, Boo.

    Grade: F. Reason: ‘Fit Fail.

  2. Auds said

    My favorite is that the spanx still failed to restrain the celulite.

  3. liv said

    Makes even less sense because spanx material is so SHWEATY.

  4. Price said

    This is all kinds of wretched.

  5. Fiqah said

    This hurts my fillins. It rilly rilly does. I am actually crying a little. This outfit should have been unapologetically relegated to “Shit I Wear Around My House When My Man Is Away And My Dog Is Asleep So I Don’t Hurt Nobody’s Eyes.”

    P.S. — I KNOW THIS WAS IN HARLEM. And that just hurts my fillins some mo.

    • I wasn’t in Harlem… it was in The Bronx

      • Fiqah said

        Okay, no excuses. Someone please direct this woman to the shops of the Third Avenue hub. She coulda purchased two whole, decent-looking outfits for the price of that Spanx roll squeezer she’s wearing. Looking like a can of popped biscuits. BOOOOO!

  6. maxiebaby718 said

    looks like a d@mn bullet proof vest hahaha

  7. jfkjean said

    ^Agrees with maxiebaby…but this is some kind of non protecting from anything version

  8. Ken said

    shes just soo…LUMPY. ewww. This is reason that muslims make there women cover up completely. Shit is mad gross

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