Days in Grey Satin

August 7, 2009


No, sir.  You CANNOT snap a bowler on top of your silky PJs and make it a snazzy fit. 

Thanks again to AJ Plaid, aka The Cruel Secretary and Sparkle for the guest pics capturing the hot mess that is Coney Island “fashion.”

7 Responses to “Days in Grey Satin”

  1. Titi said

    I’d hate to see the sweatstains on that… (ass, pits)

  2. theincredibletangentman said

    He’s about to go get the money the tooth fairy owes him.

  3. LiLu said

    Please tell me you got his number.

  4. diane said

    Hey there Ruby, I’ve been missing in action as well. I love your rat’s nest and dalmation posts. As far as this guy goes, he’s advertising something he obviously doesn’t have. I wonder if he’s balding underneath that hat. Your blog is always a hoot! Sorry I’ve been away so long. xo

  5. maximosis said

    That looks like it may be SUge knight former CEO of Deathrow Records

  6. Fiqah said

    Sweet, minty Jayzus. It’s too hot for this. Two words: Cotton BREATHES. That is why it is the fabric of our lives, dagnabbit. WEAR IT!

  7. […] was THE New York City bad fashion website. If you had the audacity to walk outside dressed in silk pajamas, wearing shoes that were waay to small, or… I don’t even know what this is, chances are […]

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