Question of the Day: What is his ass talking about?

August 3, 2009


I really can’t tell, but I think with all our powers combined, we’ll be able to figure it out…

And I STRONGLY encourage creative responses – we are not going for accuracy here people 😉

Thanks to Calves Mahoney for this snapping this douchetastic hot mess from the West Coast.  And thanks to jisliteskinded for helping me crop it when my draft didn’t save from home!  Love you guys 🙂

13 Responses to “Question of the Day: What is his ass talking about?”

  1. Titi said

    Fungus Pant?

  2. theincredibletangentman said

    Humorous Pork?

  3. theincredibletangentman said

    Swagger Pant?

  4. AJ Plaid said

    Booty-less Foolishness?

  5. MMW said

    well, the last word is definitely “point” so, I’m going to say it’s an homage to HBO’s “Hookers at the Point.”

  6. Calves said

    Humongous dump. haha thanks!

  7. jfkjean said

    Douchiness at it’s peak?

  8. Calmate said

    Finger Paint!

  9. Gabrielle said

    I remember there was a young man in particular, NYE 2007 who had a sad face plastered on the front side of his pants. NOT a great visual to a young lady who may have [had she been blind] wanted to sleep with him. I like to have happy thoughts when thinking about penises, or anything in that area.

  10. Ken said

    Entry Point???

  11. ErikaPW said

    ok ok ok….so i’m a few months late, but lemme try…
    -Margaret Purple
    -August Pearl?
    -Together Part!

  12. Beef said

    It says, “I’m hopeless scum. Won’t somebody please take my life”?

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