I can’t…

July 24, 2009



In case you were wondering why the frequency of posts has decreased over the summer, let me tell you.  My firm is located in Times Square.  Thus, I see a lot of THIS.  And although it is indeed horrific, I can only take so many pictures of such awfulness before my camera revolts or the website collapses under the weight of sheer ugly. 

But really?  Did she think that showing off her bra straps would be sexy?

3 Responses to “I can’t…”

  1. Ken said

    Wow, why is her back so wide?

  2. STYLE said

    She conjurs up imagery of Danny Devito as the Penguin in Batman.

  3. Loli said

    That’s not her back… That the remainder of her ass and stomach escaping her 3 sizes too small/ 13 seasons ago lane bryant jeans.

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