Bloody Leggings

July 14, 2009



And is that brown corduroy in July?  Shit is disgusting.

Blood and shit – exactly what an outfit should evoke, right?

[Today’s guest pic is brought to you by Vanity Snob, whose tweets are filled with hilarity as well. ]


3 Responses to “Bloody Leggings”

  1. Fiqah said

    While not on the cutting-edge of fashion, the outfit almost works minus the leggings. Which…baffle me. I mean, it’s been hot in NYC all month. Not scorching, but definitely not “layering” weather, right? Maybe she’s anemic. And colorblind.

  2. theincredibletangentman said

    If she doesn’t act quickly, her secret identity as Spider Woman will be revealed for all the world to see!

  3. wildfiyah said

    From fit to palette, this “outfit” is wrong on many levels; the hot trash tights are the least of your girl’s fashion problems…


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