Hot Links for Dinner :)

July 9, 2009

Hello all my stylish readers! 

Thanks for your continuing support and comments – every one makes me smile 🙂  I am sorry I have been less than consistent with the posting lately, but work is craaazy right now.  I have some pictures to upload tonight though, so there will be a new hot mess waiting for you in the morning hehe

Today, I have something else wonderful for you:  Two amazing blogs, and they both that love StopNReflect too – they have featured the site, and said some blush-and-happiness inducing things about it  😀

Each offers a wonderful mix of hilarity and thought-provoking writing – check them out!  (And thanks again to both of the lovely authors!)

And if you are not already, follow StopNReflect on Twitter!   Although I thought Twitter was silly at first, it is great, and I have found some amazing, witty people on there *waves*  So if you are not on it yet, I def recommend it

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