Halloween in July?

July 7, 2009


Nothing says “summer” quite like the jack-o-lantern with velvet look.   And no jack-o-lantern is complete without a grotesque smile, which can be achieved quite effectively by wearing too-small pants to highlight a prominent gunt.

(I was initially going to say “seasonal fail,” but there is never a time of the season for this mess.)


6 Responses to “Halloween in July?”

  1. jfkjean said

    Good god, that “bunt” is really ugh….even that hideous Coach monogrammed bag every girl in the hood/any girl under 20 seems to own, I’m surprised she didn’t have a matching pair of sneakers…..smh

  2. theincredibletangentman said

    Rawr rawr like a cuntgeon dragon.

  3. theincredibletangentman said

    That cameltoe has elephantiasis.

  4. Price said

    FUPA POWER!!!!!

  5. ellemonah said

    Some color combinations are NOT meant to be worn together over the age of 5. Orange and black is one of them.

    Le sigh.

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