Preemptive StopNReflect

June 22, 2009



10 Responses to “Preemptive StopNReflect”

  1. illingsworth said

    LOL. I wish that was a pile of jellyfish

  2. deadhardy said


    Yeah, American Apparel is just getting worse and worse. I mean who knew a company that mainly makes clothes in solid colors would be the arbiters of such bad fashion?

  3. wildfiyah said

    we cannot allow this.

  4. jfkjean said

    So it’s a deal then? Anyone with them gets shot on site if they cannot complete the Blossom dance that should come with wearing this hideous drab. All alone. AA is bringing the worst of the 80’s and 90’s back and I’m not liking it at all.

  5. jfkjean said

    *BTW Look at this poor girl anyway….you can tell she was pissed at her agency for getting her this AA shoot. She certainly was not happy here lol….

  6. cruelsecretary1 said

    These are the days that I’m glad I shave my head.

  7. omi said

    oh GAWD. jfkjean’s right…why must they bring back everything i never wanted to see again?

  8. Li said

    Preemptive? bwahahaha scrunchies make me want to escape life. That looks like a whole pile of prescription drugs just waiting for me to take them.

  9. Fiqah said

    In my opinionation, scrunchies should be roundly, immediately and irrevocably banned. Also, if you’re gonna advertise scrunchies, you should definitely go with a model who looks like she may be old enough to remember them! SO skeevy.

  10. Michelle said

    Carrie says no woman in NY would be caught dead in a scrunchy, didn’t they listen?

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