Coordination Fail

June 18, 2009


There is nothing worse than clashing different shades of the same color family.  It is such a blatant fail – there is not even the possibility that this was an attempt to smartly contrast complementary colors.   Because really?  Light pink floral, salmon stripes, and red shoes?  Really???

Oh, and Starbucks is apparently a mecca for fashion fails.

4 Responses to “Coordination Fail”

  1. cruelsecretary1 said

    I agree with ya. I’m also not feeling the over-girliness of the outfit, either. The sacchrine-pink florals on the coat, the flower-patterned handbag, and the flouncy salmon skirt. It screams, “See, I’m non-threatening ’cause I don’t see myself as a grown woman. Love me?”


  2. jfkjean said

    I’ll give her one thing….at least she didn’t top it off with pink heels but this is bad nonetheless. Starbucks has to be a hot bed of hot mess if you’ve covered this 3 days(?) in a row. Maybe its time I spend a little time on their couches with “Jane” (my cam).

    Rubes, I also would like to let you know how much I hate you for turning me into a far worse judgmental fashion critic than I already was. I see the horrible sartorial choices in the financial district daily and at times want to off myself. Hope you you got what you wanted.

    – Love, James 🙂

  3. deadhardy said

    What’s really sad is that she looks like she could actually be a really cute girl if she just learned to dress herself proper.

    Oh, and i think i need to start hanging out at Starbucks more….

  4. drollgirl said

    this is what i refer to as PATTERN EXPLOSION!


    and thank you for your words of wisdom on my blog!!!

    i am sorry i haven’t been here much lately. i miss it!!! it is so hard to keep up with the blog and the job and other parts of life, but i need to move you up on the priority list. i love what you do!!!

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