Off-day midrift

June 16, 2009


I generally refrain from putting up people on what are blatantly off-days, like airports and studying.  This was clearly the latter.  But there are exceptions to every rule.  Now I understand (even if I don’t approve of)  just throwing some bullshit on to run get coffee.  (I mean, how much harder would it have been to put jeans on?)

This girl, on the other hand, took it too far.  Not only by wearing everything too small and too tight.  But by then also REPEATEDLY adjusting her shirt and pants to make sure her “midrift” was showing.  Every time her shirt threatened to cover her, she fastidiously stopped to pull it up to make sure at least 2 inches of skin was exposed.

NOT okay.


9 Responses to “Off-day midrift”

  1. jfkjean said

    All that blob is not only making me cringe but making me want to gauge my eyes out at the same time.

  2. cruelsecretary1 said

    But wasn’t this look soooo 5 years ago? I’m sorta surprised that she doesn’t have a thong peek-a-booing out of the pants.8-|

  3. Gabrielle said

    muffin top game proper, ya’ll

  4. drollgirl said


  5. Hopey said

    She has a sack of potatoes butt…

  6. lori said

    And you can tell by the way she’s leaning against the counter with her hand on her hip she thinks she’s super sexy…. Not so much…

  7. kat said

    ugh that fleshbelt would make anyone vom up their latte.

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