No Explanation

June 8, 2009


What.  The.  FUCK.


9 Responses to “No Explanation”

  1. jfkjean said

    Holy cannoli….I have no words….

  2. drollgirl said

    shoot her in the head! quick! and dispose of that mess!

  3. nezua said

    but howling hypertackiness is bulletpruf!!!!

  4. pyzahn said

    Holy schmoley…where do you find these people. I have no sense of fashion, but I do have the decency not to provoke nausea from the good folk around me.

  5. Arv said

    Have you been to Montreal? I just got back from there and there’s shit like this on every block. You’re camera would explode from the kind of rapid-fire shooting necessary to catch all those terrible choices.

  6. Gabrielle said

    Suddenly, I’m in the mood for some cottage cheese. *Walks downstairs to office commissary*

  7. Hopey said

    F*ck! That’s exactly what I was going to wear on Saturday night! Extremely classy with just a hint of modesty! ;0) Great work!

  8. Ken said

    come the fuck on lady. What even goes through ur mind when u put that outfit together?

  9. Aleysha said

    What this is? Don’t you know cellulite when you see it?

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