Sheer Legging Madness

May 14, 2009


Wearing sheer, faintly leopard-print leggings so close to your skin color is not only pointless, it is also icky.  I only could catch her from far away (this is an extreme zoom), but her legs looked both ashy and slightly diseased.

I can’t even begin to address what appear to be her jauntily dangling shortalls right now.

4 Responses to “Sheer Legging Madness”

  1. Cecily said

    WOW! There are SO many things wrong with this outfit…..where oh where do I begin? My first thought is…”Isn’t NYC like the fashion capitol of the world if not the u.s.?? Why on earth anyone would leave their house dressed like some kind of scary 1980’s extra from “flashdance meets the hillbillies” is beyond me!!” The “overall’s” look is something that has NEVER, ever been “IN” and the leggings are just sad!It appears that she went into a salvation army,looked for the most awful pieces she could find and just threw them all on for kicks!!It really makes her look very stocky and almost fat. I am heavy myself and the last thing I try to do is make myself look worse by wearing items like these! All around bad decisions on her part,I must say.Perhaps she needs some advice?? Sometimes I wonder if people even look in the mirror before they leave the house!?!? Take off the leggings,put on some real shorts or pants and get a new purse, perhaps a cute hand bag,and wha-la! much better…even if the shirt is a little drab for my taste,at least you won’t look like a bad version of Rosie O’Donnel circa 1988!!

  2. jfkjean said

    Wow Cecily….need a hug?

  3. angela raios said

    ok, sure she looks pretty silly with those overalls and that blouse. But, i LOVE leopard and zebra print. I own a pair of leopard tights myself, so what?
    If you don’t like leopard, yay for you. Just mind your own business and move on. We ALL have different tastes in style

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