Guest Submission #5: Atrocities of Hair and Cloth

May 5, 2009


Things these “shorts” resemble:

  • Poorly fitting capris
  • A “summery” outdoor tablecloth from K-Mart
  • Gauchos (ew)
  • A plaid sphincter

Things they do not resemble:

  • Shorts

This guest photo is from the stylish James of The Mod Revival.  And it even has a bonus – the lovely asymmetrical dreaded rattail on the guy in the foreground.   Thanks for catching two unrelated messes in one frame!


9 Responses to “Guest Submission #5: Atrocities of Hair and Cloth”

  1. yomama said

    they look like circus capris… still not a good idea.

  2. jfkjean said

    Hey Rubes, read my follow up comment about your comment on the yellow…..

    As far as this picture is concerned, I can understand guys that don’t want to wear shorts above the knee but this was far too ridiculous (and too green lol) to ignore

  3. jfkjean said

    Oh, and thanks for the love again, I didn’t even notice that rat tail until you mentioned it lol. Hopefully I’ll provide funnier fashion faux pas’ for you 🙂

  4. drollgirl said

    holly hell. bad bad bad.

  5. wildfiyah said

    I’m actually more concerned about the fact that he has a wedgie between his knees….but yes, the pants are also ugly…

  6. Oscar said

    Hahaha! I can’t stop laughing at “A “summery” outdoor tablecloth from K-Mart.”

  7. lori said

    Wait, that’s a dude with the rat tail? I thought it was a women with a pretty intense mullet…

  8. jfkjean said

    I had to take another look from my cam and because these “shorts” are sitting so low, it seriously looks like he shitted himself lol

  9. Beef said

    Is it bad that I don’t think it’s bad that I want to hatchet the two of them into mush?

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