Seasonal Fail

April 22, 2009


We finally had a nice, summery day in NYC last Friday.  Everyone was getting into the spirit, bringing out the shorts, skirts, and sandals.  Even this woman pulled out her favorite late Spring attire – her leather and fur coat with the crop sleeves.  Oh yeah, and some lovely knock-off Uggs.  Brown ones, no less.

Even the kids in the background were bewildered by this shit.

6 Responses to “Seasonal Fail”

  1. peep said

    I wish you had a better camera since your site is all about the visual.

  2. calves said

    thank you! The guy was ALSO wearing a tie-dye shirt, but I didn’t have the nuts to try and get a full-length pic of him

  3. canwepleasestopandreflect said

    I do too, peep. I am currently working on it, but if you want to donate a better one (or $ for the cause), I will rectify the situation immediately.

    And LOL, calves! Keep an eye out, and be sure to send any more gems to – Guest submissions are always great 🙂

  4. calves said

    oh really? I was gonna give you that sock/sandal pic but I thought your blog was strictly for new york offenders. I’m in socal

    • jfkjean said

      Calves, are you kidding? The more, the merrier, no matter what the area code! I’m also happy to see Uggs (or knock offs for this matter) make it back to it’s rightful place…as for the rest of this “get up” (and I use that term very loosely), she looks like an obese Wookie

  5. Sean said

    i so regret buying that tranquilizer gun.

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