Spanx & Spangles

April 20, 2009


Two tips:  1) If your skirt doesn’t cover your Spanx, don’t wear it (I have a feeling wearing it sans Spanx may not have been an option here).   2)  If you can’t afford sequins for both sides of your dress, maybe it is best to abstain.

And lest anyone thinks I am being unfair, this was not taken as she was about to adjust her dress.  This was taken after she had already pulled it down.  It started off much worse.

7 Responses to “Spanx & Spangles”

  1. drollgirl said

    a hahahah!!!! haha ha hahahahah1h h1h11h1h 1h1hh dfhdas afh;fafd a

    ok, that is me cracking up.

  2. jfkjean said

    This is what makes America so awesome lol……

  3. Arv said

    What the fuck is Spanx?

  4. Beef said

    No more Spanx. If you’re a big girl, let it all hang out…so you can provide me with boners.

  5. jfkjean said

    Arv, to be brief, Spanx keeps “things” (and by “things”, I mean “baby fat”) in place… can almost say it’s false advertising lol

    BTW: *Speedy metabolism is awesome!!*

  6. Power said

    So damn sexy. Excuse me, I threw up a little in my mouth.

  7. Fiqah said

    Oh my good Lord.

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