April 14, 2009


Much thanks to the lovely Linna for this guest submission, which conclusively proves a number of things, not least the fact that the “But Crocs are so comfortable!” defense is a croc of shit (sorry couldn’t resist that one lol).  If they were SO damn comfy, Mr. Leisure here would not have had to discard them before nappy time.

This is also photographic evidence that even the proximity of these atrocities can drag just about anybody’s look down.  Even this dude’s.

4 Responses to “Crocs”

  1. jfkjean said

    Why aren’t these only being worn with scrubs in hospitals? As a matter of fact, in my day, they had those cool all white Mary Jane’s or the bulky but rounded version of the penny loafer. I’m sick of these monstrosities…..

  2. Arv said

    I’m seeing these less and less, which gives me hope that they’re going extinct. Hopefully, they aren’t just in hibernation, waiting to come back with a vengeance when the weather warms up.

  3. jfkjean said

    I have to agree, you don’t see them as much as the dreadful summer of 2007 when they were just about everywhere but there’s still offenders out there….and we must hunt them down….

  4. drollgirl said

    i hate crocs. always and forever. crocs are horrid.

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