Evil Spawn of Corduroy and Green Fur

March 30, 2009


Two fashion demons must have mated and produced this atrocity.  I can’t think of any other explanation.  No one could have designed a corduroy and light green fur skirt.

4 Responses to “Evil Spawn of Corduroy and Green Fur”

  1. jfkjean said

    Man, that skirt is giving her that “pancake-assitis” which a lot of people don’t seem to mind having…..

  2. drollgirl said

    HURL! textiles gone MAD. she looks like she could star in clan of the cave bear or something.

  3. thatguy said

    This is just wrong someone should sit her down and tell her that her skirt is NOT OK AT ALL and the proceed to take it from her and burn it. IT shall NEVER see the Light of day EVER again. JUST WRONG THIS REALLY MADE ME MAD!!!!!

  4. Cecily said

    WOW!! I mean,is noone going to comment on the mustard shirt and boots she paired this horror of a skirt with???? Seriously??? I mean,WTF was she thinking? She had to have made this herself and if not,the designer should be shot repeatedly in the face with a napalm gun or something equal to it!! My gawd!! What is wrong with the human race?? I am scared for us more and more every time I see these absolute crazies you post on here!! Seriously though,keep it coming!! It really cracks me up!! I love it!! ❤ *kiss*

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