Our First Weekend Guest Post

March 28, 2009

A lovely post from one of my favorite new bloggers, the stylish James Jean, over at http://themodernistrevival.blogspot.com/

Now we can only hope people will heed his words…


This is the preemptive stop and reflect. I love Beyonce as much as the next guy and all and even though I’m not a fan of her clothing line and it’s logo loving ways, I let things I normally wouldn’t slide in the past but this I cannot and will not stand for….. I swear to everything I’ve ever loved and ever owned, if I see someone in the street with this…..this…… “piece of shit” would be too nice to describe this thing, I’ll “Chris Brown” them on site.

2 Responses to “Our First Weekend Guest Post”

  1. drollgirl said

    this bag is HID-E-OUS, as is all the stuff i have seen from the house of dereon. blech!

    and has beyonce done something to her face? she is looking a little strange in ads lately. i think the loreal ads in particular. can’t quite put my thumb on it…..

  2. jfkjean said

    I’m getting all tingly inside, this is legen….wait for it….dary!

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