Dookie Booty FAIL

March 27, 2009


Ummm…  sorry to be the one to break it to you, but nobody is trying to find a big ol Dookie Booty literally.  So the colostomy-bag pants aren’t doin it.

Please stop shitting on yourself.

10 Responses to “Dookie Booty FAIL”

  1. SadieSadie said

    Wow….. MC Hammer goes gangster.

  2. diane said

    “20 minutes” is probably the only place he could get a job dressed like that. Do you think maybe men like to wear pants like this to “let ’em swing free”?

  3. canwepleasestopandreflect said

    Hahaha! But this was a female! (I am loathe to say “woman” lol)

  4. thatguy said

    Not quite sure how to put this but it looks like dookie booty met parachute pants at the club and feel in love. They are sooooooooo wrong for making her where this for a work uniform.

  5. canwepleasestopandreflect said

    Lol, I highly doubt those pants were part of the uniform. They just have to wear that jacket.

  6. drollgirl said

    dude. can’t wait til this look goes away for good. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME.

  7. jfkjean said

    I’m wondering what happens if there’s a flood? I think it’ll wash the pants right off of him/her

  8. Cindy said

    I saw this at the mall today and I literally cringed. Apparently, it’s the up and coming fashion.

  9. jfkjean said

    Alright Rubes, your first 10 comment post and who better to leave it?! On another serious note, I never thought it was possible to literally chop your limbs and still get wear trousers lol

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