50 going on 5

March 13, 2009


Next time, before you leave the house, please decide whether you are 5 or 50 years old.

And wtf ARE those?  Argyle sock boots???

4 Responses to “50 going on 5”

  1. DLake said

    See, with the eyes blocked out she looks kinda hot… i’m a dude though and a girl in a skirt and some boobs makes me happy even if she is breaking every fashion rule possible. But i also wear black and brown together and I MAKE IT WORK (Im so euro).

    Thx for posting on our blog… i’ll def keep this in my Google Reader Fix.

    Why do you blank out the eyes? who cares? they are in a public domain… you can use them. (I think, haha, wtf do i know).

    OH PEEP this blog post I did a few weeks back. you are allowed to repost it!


  2. DLake said

    hahah just RE READ the comments and you totally responded! repost this. the picture makes me happy.

  3. jfkjean said

    I want to say she’s probably on her way to queens…where bad fashion happens but there’s no trains with that interior that do…she’s probably going to Brooklyn! Ahhhhh!!!!

  4. carrie said

    too old for the outfit.
    let this be a lesson to us all…

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