Adorning ugly with ugly

March 3, 2009


I can’t decide what is worse:  The haircut, or the barrettes attempting to spice it up.

6 Responses to “Adorning ugly with ugly”

  1. Arv said

    I don’t think the hair is all that terrible–I mean, it looks like it could resemble Alice from Crystal Castles. The barrettes are indeed horrible, but what the fuck is up with that hoodie’s zipper?

  2. raymi said

    yeah it’s a bit dumpy all ’round.

  3. jfkjean said

    I’ll help you out, it’s both. She’d look half decent if she lost a hoodie and had a thick brown belt for that top

  4. kwr221 said

    And what about the ugly shirt?

  5. Kid Douche said

    Rippling zippers are sensually suggestive.

  6. rippling zips happen after u wash them a few times. it sux…destroyed all my fav hoodies yo.

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