February 26, 2009


Just STOP.

Oh, and peep poodle-hair girl’s toe dangling wayyyyyy over the edge of her tacky ass shoe in the background.  SMH.

7 Responses to “Just STOP”

  1. micky said

    amazing. i need to get out more often. you are a visionary.

  2. Lori said

    i knew i shouldn’t have been eating when i clicked on the link to see this… i lost my appetite and almost threw up in my mouth…

  3. jfkjean said

    Wah wah wee wah, this is all I can contribute to this lovely post…..who am I kidding? This is fucking rubbish lol. I’m hoping to GOD that this is a woman..and judging from those arms, it’s not looking so good

  4. LiLu said

    AHHHHHHH I am blind!!! And are you SURE that’s a girl??

  5. C.H.A.M.P said

    What bar or club did you go to? Freaky looking man chicks, white fishes on the wall… Did they give some lil pills to take as you went in?

  6. Ken said

    wow, where was this brawd even at dressed like this?

  7. schmecky said

    the guy on the right, i think, is going to induce vomitting

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