Formal FAIL

February 21, 2009


With the exception of the tights and boots, every element of this outfit screams “tack” in and of itself (especially the early-90’s Wal-Mart purse).  Putting them all together makes it even worse.  But the true atrocity of this cannot be appreciated unless you know the setting:  A formal ball.

4 Responses to “Formal FAIL”

  1. consuala said

    I’m cringing just thinking about her taste in music

  2. Power said

    I respectfully disagree, even for a dance. Ditch the tights, replace the boots with nice pumps, preferably black with red undersoles, and for the love of God replace the purse with a nice clutch and I say the outfit could work.

  3. canwepleasestopandreflect said

    Power, if had she followed your advice, she would not be up here. You are wise indeed 🙂

    What WOULDN’T some black Louboutin pumps improve, though?

  4. Wombatish said

    Sorry Power, the jacket/button up silk shirt excuse for a jacket covered in kanji is still terrible.

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