If the glove don’t fit…

February 7, 2009


If the glove don’t fit one hand, don’t wear it on the other.

*Editor’s note:  This was not merely a transitory period while she was taking one off or putting one on.  She was  partially gloved for at least 20 minutes until our train came.

3 Responses to “If the glove don’t fit…”

  1. blargghh said

    now listen here it is very hard to change the song on your ipod with a gloved hand which is probably what babie grrl here was doin’. for 20 minutes. i know, but still dude. i do the same thing

  2. canwepleasestopandreflect said

    LOL, that is a very sweet and eloquent defense of this. But there was no ipod or any other sensitive technology present being manipulated. At least for those 20 minutes 🙂

  3. Cecily said

    I can’t get over the really bad jacket’s on the both of them!! It is like a really bad nightmare of faux fur and bright red handbags from hell!!! ugh!! The glove thing just proves that she is INDEED insane and shouldn’t be out amongst the populous!! LOL..jk..I am just being very sarcastic for those of you whom don’t get cynicism or sarcasm…that is my style……

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