Nothin ‘baby’ about that

January 17, 2009


Some clothes come with their own personal expiration dates.  Here, for example:  There is no longer anything “Baby” about that.  And its not “Phat.”  It is just fat.

Time to let that shit go, before you get frostbit adult back fat.

4 Responses to “Nothin ‘baby’ about that”

  1. Dante said

    I just realized she is wearing a Baby Phat jacket. LOL

  2. Jessie said

    that’s great!

  3. Moses said

    that is so terrible! Some people need to realize who they are in the mirror before going out to school or work! 1. The Baby Phat jacket she is wearing was made short to show off a womans belly(or should I say flat stomach)and maybe a belly ring/chain or some sort. This lady disgraced herself by wearing something that was inappropriate for her body! 2. The jacket is what it is…………A JACKET!!! It’s not a coat! It’s not meant to be worn in the dead of winter! It’s a jacket you wear in the fall or maybe even closer to winter but NOT in the cold winter months!!! I don’t care if she(or any lady for that matter) had an AMAZING body, If she wore that in the freezing cold that we are experiencing now here in New York City she would’ve been laughed at by everyone!! COVER UP!! 3. I cannot tell from the picture but GOD ONLY KNOW what she is wearing underneath her jacket! It seems that whatever she has underneath is obviously smaller(AND SHORTER)then her jacket so the warmth factor is out of the question! 4. Every female knows(except for her oddly enough) that if your jeans already have belt loops then you need to get a belt(duh!) BUT if your jeans don’t then you have an option of putting on a belt or not! NOW I can’t tell from the picture but I think her jeans have a belt loop and if it doesn’t…….she still is wrong!! She needs to wear the wide belt over a long shirt that goes over her waist(oh yeah she may not even have a shirt on so that doesn’t matter). 5. Don’t get me started on the bandanna tied around her head! 6. If I were her stylist, I would’ve changed everything about her and let her keep her jeans and sneakers. I would’ve fixed her up from ONLY the clothes she has in her closet. Alot of people(especially ladies)don’t know what kind of a gold mine they have in their closet until they mix and match their wardrobe together….that’s where I come in! You don’t have to buy the latest fashion to look like the latest fashion!! lol!! Everything is at your fingertips! Maybe if she subscribed to instyle magazine or lucky or any other magazine would give her an idea of what to wear and what NOT to wear and those magazines are great for anything fashion!

  4. Erika said

    OH NO!! lol….ahhh Sarah…your blog has become my new source of procrastination. =) I need to start sending you some shots from DC…I’m sure you’d go to town on these folks out here….

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