January 14, 2009


I cannot decide what is worse:  The jacket that looks like it was made out of the fur of 50 long-haired rats drowned in dirty water?  Or the booty shorts accentuating her pancake cakes, complete with chicken cutlet cheeks drooping out?


5 Responses to “STOP”

  1. LiLu said

    The pancake cakes. DEFINITELY the pancake cakes.


  2. Dante said

    I agree the pancake cakes.

  3. illingsworth said

    I have some old Conan comic books with characters that look exactly like that

  4. Chenier said

    This, by far, is my favorite. Awesome shorts… do you know where I can order some for myself?

  5. Ken said

    that whole bar/clubhouse looks full of weirdo’s

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