Leggings are not pants

December 22, 2008


And here is one definitive reason why:  When you can see sweat lines coming through outside the thong…  

(And the dance floor hadn’t even opened yet – I would have been scared to see that situation later on in the night)

6 Responses to “Leggings are not pants”

  1. she’s dressed like a villain from power rangers….I’m starting to think that you live inside of a Marvel comic book

  2. LiLu said

    It always KILLS me when I see hot girls wearing leggings and you can see their panty lines. It’s like, SO CLOSE… but no.

    Even though, leggings should actually not be worn unless under a dress (i.e., that COVERS your tush)…

  3. Beef said

    I LOVE leggings as pants, because I’m a dude and they leave very little to the imagination.

  4. Beef said

    I forgot to mention that the woman pictured is awful and should not be wearing leggings as pants.

  5. jfkjean said

    +1 on what Beef said

  6. […] I’ve previously addressed the problem with leggings-as-pants. […]

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